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ADHD and A Whole Food Plant-Based Diet

What role does nutrition play for children with ADHD? This is a controversial subject and, because we often have an emotional attachment to food, we are reluctant to look at this as an adjunct treatment.

BY Teri Yunus | February 2019 | Category: Diet & Nutrition

ADHD and A Whole Food Plant-Based Diet

The studies that have been done do not provide consistent results. It is suggested, however, that the “Western” way of eating (the Standard American Diet) plays a role and this is especially true for boys.

When my son’s preschool teacher called me and said that my three-year-old was so fidgety he kept falling off his chair, I felt like this was another level of challenge for this little one. He had been in the program for deaf children just a few weeks when I got the call. In the 1980s, attention disorders were becoming more prominent and teachers were often at their wit’s end with how to manage these kids.

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