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Beyond the Pill: What’s in your Health Toolbox?

Each of us has our own Health Toolbox which includes go-to tools that assist us with maintaining a healthy, full, and happy life. As you begin to determine the tools, resources and people that are included in your Health Toolbox, it is important to note that the medications prescribed to you by your physician should always be a part of your Health Toolbox.

BY By Adeola Sonaike, PhD, MPH, CHES | August 2018 | Category: Healthcare

Beyond the Pill: What’s in your  Health Toolbox?

The recommendations provided in this article are intended to supplement, not replace, your medication regimen. Incorporating some of these tools into your Health Toolbox will assist you with not only staying on track with your prescribed protocol, but will also guide you with redefining what healthy truly means to you.

In the Fall of 2016, Taylor’s parents apprehensively moved their eldest daughter into her college dorm room filled with the same concerns as every other parent on campus that morning, and then some. Taylor, an incoming Freshman and straight A student with plans to pursue a career in medicine, had been diagnosed with epilepsy in the eighth grade. After numerous tests and trials, Taylor’s medical team successfully controlled her seizures with a medication regimen that was closely monitored by her parents. In the Fall of 2016, Taylor had been seizure-free for three years. All of this changed however, in December of 2016 when Taylor experienced a breakthrough seizure.

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