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Fix the System Not the Child

When I was a kid, I was the round peg that did not fit in the square hole that is school. I was the kid who had such a hard time sitting still in elementary school, I grew up chilling out with the janitor in the hallway; I couldn’t keep my mouth shut so I grew up on a first name basis with Shirley the receptionist in the principal’s office.

BY Jonathan Mooney | September 2019 | Category: Education

Fix the System Not the Child

Normal's time is up. It has got to go. In truth, the only normal people are people you don’t know very well. The moment you get to know another human being – really know them, see them, not how they should be, but how they actually are – it is not their normality that matters. It’s their differences, eccentricities, fallibilities, strengths, and weaknesses that constitute their humanity.

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