Caring for those in Need

Good Planning Creates Value and Benefits

A winning team needs to be established. This means finding a financial planner, a lawyer and an accountant each of whom understands the unique challenges and planning opportunities available to families like ours.

BY Rob Wrubel CFP®, AIF® | November 2018 | Category: Financial Planning

Good Planning Creates Value and Benefits

A friend walked in to my office one day. He carried a leather briefcase. He put his heavy brown case on my desk then paused with his fingers over the brass clasps. He smiled and looked at me. He waited for me to take the bait and ask, “What do you have in the briefcase?” Knowing him, it could have been anything – some kind of joke, a wild animal, lunch. Finally, I asked him to open the briefcase. He paused – again making me wait, then said:

“The contents of this briefcase show people how the work of a good team – you as the financial planner, an attorney and an accountant – can change people’s lives. The contents show the value of benefits for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The contents represent the value of that work.”

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